Marcus Rayne

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Marcus Rayne

Post  generalarin on Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:25 am

I know, you were expecting Jake weren’t you XP
Jake: I know- you’re crushed…
Mark: Hey- I’m just as good as you are!
Jake: Keep dreaming little bro.
Mark: ….well at least I’m taller…….
*Jake gives Mark the death glare*
Jake: I’m an average height, thank you.
Mark: Yah, average for a *short* person…
Me: o.o…. this is going to get bad fast…. So uh… here’s my character ^^
*Mark and Jake start fighting in the background*

Name: Marcus Rayne

Age: 16

Occupation: Highschooler, sometimes works part-time with his brother

Personality: Loyal, thoughtful, less reckless than his brother, Jake, but also less bold, stubborn, determined, shy, quiet, awkward around people, good with his hands, strategic

Appearance: Brown hair and blue eyes, slightly taller than average

Bio: Mark and his older brother, Jake, usually live alone in their house: their parents are usually away on business. They have a close bond and look out for each other. Jake is 20 and is working to go to college while Mark is still in high school.
Originally from the US, they moved to Japan (this *is* in Japan, right?) recently so they still are a bit rough with Japanese and don't have any friends yet. Well... minus their dog....but that doesnt count...

Attack: 20
Stamina: 23
Speed: 19
Intelligence: 40
Will: 35
Stealth: 25
Persuasiveness: 30

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Re: Marcus Rayne

Post  Kyoko Sohma on Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:06 am

Kyoko Sohma
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